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Critically ill AIDS patient from Malawi detained at Lindela



Police in South Africa detained Lawrence, a critically ill AIDS patient , on July and sent him to Lindela for deportation.
The man who is identified Lawrence Dokotala has been on ARV’s and is denied access to his treatment. Dokotala is said to have called asked his Church, Seventh Day Adventist Church in Sunnyside to consider raising money and buy medication for him while he is waiting in detention.

 “One of his friends called the Church on Thursday 13, 2015 that Dokotala is currently critically ill due to lack of treatment and we are informed that he is on ARV and is not receiving any treatment from the center.” Said one of the Church elders a Limbani Maxwell Recently South Africa Human Commission released a report that found that there was a “lack of measures to ensure continuity of treatment with respect to chronic medication, particularly with regard to TB and HIV treatment, among other findings”.

Both Malawi High Commissioner to South Africa and the embassy vice Consul Consular MacDonald Makumba who looks into the well fair of Malawian detained in Lindela could not be reached for comments as their phones went unanswered.

” We are very worried that he is being denied access of medication and access to consult a medical practioners of his choice and we appeal for Malawi government to intervene on such situations because we have losing a lot of Malawians in a similar situation.” Said Maxwell


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