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NGO giving free loans to women in Dowa


In a bid to empower lives of women in rural areas, a local Non-Governmental Organisation – Community Health Evangelism (CHE) has embarked on an initiative of giving out interest-free loans to women in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhaza in Dowa district.

Director of the organisation – Mercy Chikhosi said apart from helping people in the area on health and sanitation, the organisation thought it wise to rescue the women by ensuring that they are financially independent.
Speaking in Madisi when the first beneficiaries of group village headman Nkhafi were paying back the loan, Mrs. Chikhosi expressed satisfaction with how the program has been embraced in the area.
”I am very overwhelmed with the way the initiative is progressing”. Mrs. Chikhosi said.
”In fact the first group of beneficiaries consisted of 15 women and each one was given a sum of K30,000 of which they invested in groundnuts farming and these are their returns. So I am happy that they have made some profits”. She highlighted.
She however expressed commitment to continue with the initiative in the area, but called upon government and other stakeholders to join hands in sustaining the program.
In his remarks, Principal Social Welfare Officer in the Ministry of Gender, Children and Disability – Dominic Misomali commended the move, saying it is a milestone in improving the socio-economic development of the country.
Mr. Misomali said government will make sure that the program survives so that women in the area and the country in general are financially independent.
”What we have witnessed here is a milestone towards the development of the country, as women play a great role in the society”. Misomali commented.
”Definitely, I will take up the matter with my authorities and lobby with other organizations so that we can reach as many women as possible, especially in this time around when poverty levels in rural areas are deteriorating”. He explained.
Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mrs. Virginia Mwale said the initiative can positively transform the economic status of the area if well sustained.
Community Health Evangelism is a non-profit making organisation that helps communities in the area on health and sanitation.


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