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Malawi government employing children



The Malawi government which was hailed for its support in the protection of children after raising the marriage age to 18 has proved that the raise was only due to donor pressure.


In a shaming incident, Malawi24 has established that the government is supporting child labour. It is supporting the abuse of its future citizens not only by protecting the perpetrators but by being the perpetrator itself.

Information that Malawi24 has show that at the Nkhotakota District Council, a 14 year old boy is working as a street cleaner.

Most people who spoke to Malawi24 confirmed seeing the boy and wondered why government was not doing anything as it contravened the constitution and the legal instruments that protect children.

A Malawi24 correspondent visited the area and got us the details of the child employee that works for the Council at Dwangwa town.

The correspondent said he talked with the child who can not be named and established that he is 14. When he asked him about school, the correspondent says the child kept shifting at first saying he does not attend it but later after realising that he might have said the wrong thing he said that he is on holiday.



Efforts to talk to the Council proved futile as most people did not wish to comment on the issue after being told that the person asking works for the media.


Malawi government continues to struggle with child labour as it is an open secret that in tobacco estates children are the drivers of the tobacco farming working alone and with their parents.


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