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Mandela’s grandson charged with raping a 15 year old girl



Nelson Mandela’s son, Mbuso Mandela has been charged with raping a 15 years old girl in a restaurant bathroom.


Mbuso Mandela

The 24 year old appeared before a Johannesburg court on Monday after he allegedly assaulted the minor on Friday evening. He is being held at the police custody until he returns for bail hearing on Friday.


Nelsom Mandela’s grandson accused of rape

The girl had gone to the restaurant with friends and apparently she went to the toilet, where Mbuso Mandela allegedly grabbed her and raped her inside one of the toilets, said the family spokesman.


Mbuso Mandela and Grandfather Nelson Mandela

According to South Africa’s Daily Sun, Winnie Mandela, the second wife of Nelson Mandela, sent a bodyguard, who posed as a police office, to the girl’s home to intimidate them.
Winnie’s bodyguard went to the family pretending to be a cop. The father was told there was no need to arrest the suspect but when the father asked to see his badge, he didn’t have one. It turned out he had been sent by Winnie
The family spokesman
Winnie Mandela had promised to hand over the grandson to the police and also call a press conference but neither happened.


Mbuso Mandela and family at an event

Mandela’s other grandchild, Mandla Mandela was convicted for assaulting a 40-year-old motorist during a road-rage incident earlier this year.

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  1. mizwa07 says:

    It seems these grandsons r TOO PROUD.I doubt if their late grandpa had this behaviour in his youth stage.Another one, assualting & the other raping.Shame on them.


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