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Mutharika cautions for new cabinet members against complacency 


President Peter Mutharika congratulated each one of his respective appointees. He said it was easy to appoint the Cabinet as he saw professionalism, commitment and capabilities that each individual will bring to help him in achieving his Government agenda.

 “As Ministers, you are at the pinnacle of the government policy making and strategic decision-making machinery and you are constitutionally responsible for developing the country from poverty to prosperity. You are, therefore, expected to individually and collectively provide the required political leadership to develop our nation, both socially and economically”, said Mutharika
He also cautioned saying, as members of the Cabinet you must know that you have been appointed at a time when there are myriad challenges and economic woes that require astute attention. Malawians expect the DPP-led Government to deliver on its promises as outlined in the DPP Manifesto. You have today been given that responsibility to deliver on the promises outlined in the manifesto.
In this regard, I would like to urge you to be conscious of the mammoth challenge that is before you and the trust placed upon Government by the electorate. This calls for alertness, flexibility and being accommodating to diverse voices. The Malawian society has changed a lot and government has to evolve accordingly.
By taking the Oath of Office and Oath of allegiance, you have vowed to take full care of the interests of the people of Malawi. You are, therefore, expected to keep the Oaths and walk the talk. You have also accepted the huge responsibilities that lie ahead of you.
As Members of the Cabinet, therefore, you must work as a team to ensure efficient and effective implementation of Government policies and programmes.
Let me warn you against complacency because any complacency would be disastrous to the economy.
I also would like to urge you to protect public resources and foster transparency and accountability. I appeal to you to desist from engaging in corrupt activities. Corruption is a menace in society and deprives the Government of the limited resources for development programmes.
You are, therefore, expected to undertake your various mandates with utmost loyalty, integrity, dedication, commitment and hard work. This is important in order to safeguard Government’s integrity and sustain the trust that Malawians have bestowed upon the DPP.
Let me repeat, desist from corrupt activities otherwise the long arm of the law will catch up with anyone involved in the malpractice. Any Member of the Cabinet who will be involved corruption activities will be prosecuted, and if found guilty, dismissed and jailed. Please lead by example in the fight against corruption.

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