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Jakaya Kikwete awarded for excellent leadership


Rais Jakaya Kikwete akipokea  tuzo ya heshima toka kwa Mkurugenzi wa taasisi ya Kitabu cha Kumbukumbu za Afrika Mashariki (East Africa Book of Records) Dk. Paul Bamutaze (kushoto), tuzo hiyo yenye lengo la kutambua mchango wa Rais Kikwete katika  kutatua migogoro mbalimbali Afrika ya Mashariki. Kulia ni Mkuu wa Mawasiliano wa taasisi hiyo Bwana Kato Isa na wapili toka kulia ni Mtafiti wa taasisi hiyo Bwana Luzinda Adam Buyinza. (Picha na Eliphace Marwa (Maelezo).

THE Uganda-based East Africa Book of Records Company yesterday awarded President Jakaya Kikwete with excellence awards for his contribution in peace building in Africa and Tanzania’s success in maintaining its own peace and stability since independence.

In the event that was attended by top government officials, including Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Bernard Membe, Chief Secretary Ambassador Ombeni Sefue, Attorney General George Masaju and some heads of diplomatic missions in Tanzania, President Kikwete was recommended for his inspirational contribution in enhancing democracy in the region.

“He did a great job solving political instabilities that occurred in Kenya, Comoro and Burundi. We are inspired as it shows his commitments in building peace and harmony not only to Tanzania but also to the nearby countries in east Africa and Africa at large,” said Dr Paul Bamutazi, the company’s Chief Executive.

The company awarded two awards, one for the president and the other for Tanzania as a country. Dr Bamutazi said Tanzania has set its own record of being the most peaceful country in East Africa as it has managed to cut-off all sorts of conflicts since independence hence being a role model for democratic issues to other countries in the region.

“We are glad to present these outstanding awards to Tanzania through President Kikwete who has been in charge of all issues undertaken in Tanzania, especially in maintaining peace and democracy,” he observed.

After receiving the awards, Mr Kikwete dedicated them to all Tanzanians for their total support to him during his tenure. “These awards should belong to Tanzanians, I humbly accept and receive on behalf of people of Tanzania,” said Mr Kikwete, adding that it was not so easy to meet the current achievements as the country has also been passing through some difficulties.

He noted, however, that through cooperation with other officials and conflicting parties, they managed to sort out the problems and move on in building the nation. According to him, dialogue and discussion remain best methods in solving problems to promote and maintain political stability.

Other reasons that led to Tanzania being awarded include its clear policies and agenda in building democracy, providing quality delivery of social services such as health, education and supporting innovations at all levels.

Meanwhile, President Kikwete has said that women in the country have special interest in the forthcoming general election as for the first time; Tanzania is in a position to get its first ever female vice-president.

Mr Kikwete, who is also National CCM Chairman, made the statement in Morogoro recently while talking to regional and district secretaries for CCM’s women wing, UWT, in the sessions that were also attended by the party’s Union presidential candidate, Dr John Magufuli.

He said women deserved to have permanent interest with absolute privileges in the October 25 election as they are in a position to determine peace and stability of the country.

“The appointment of a woman running mate in this year’s general election is valid evidence that women’s challenges are going to be solved accordingly. It is not accidental as it has been our policy to empower women,’’ Mr Kikwete remarked.


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