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Palestinians paid tribute to the tiny boy who drowned – 7 Photos




See how different people paid special tribute to the 3 year old kid who drowned while fleeing war

Palestinians paid tribute to the tiny boy who drowned while fleeing the Syrian war by building a sand sculpture of him on Monday on a beach in the Gaza Strip.
The sculpture depicts three-year-old Aylan Kurdi in the same position and with red and blue clothing like he wore when his lifeless body was found last week.
The sand sculpture is located a short distance from where an Israeli strike killed four Gazan children as they played football.
Aylan-sculpture-e1441709692313 (1)
Aylan’s body was photographed lying face down in the sand in a photo that  went viral on social media.
At the other end of the Mediterranean, dozens of Moroccans paid tribute to Aylan on a Rabat beach on Monday by re-enacting the heart-wrenching scene of how his body was found washed ashore.
Aylan Kurdi’s tragic last words before drowning were:
‘daddy, please don’t die’.
Aylan’s father Abdullah tried to save him as they struggled in the Aegean Sea.
Aylan’s brother Galip, 5, and mother Rehan also died as their boat got into trouble in the water and capsized.
Mr Kurdi was the only survivor from the family of four.

2BF1842F00000578-3223447-image-a-27_1441465040531 (1)

Abdullah Kurdi, the father of the drowned three-year-old boy Aylan Kurdi from Syria, mourns at a morgue



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